Floppy Things and a poet

Crocheted Floppy Hat

I needed a gray hat. And floppy is fun because I can shift it around to get different looks.  The pattern built itself as I went along with it. So I got that out of the way and went back to knitting. Right now, I’m on bag 4, got # 3 done with the new cotton yarn. It’s a cotton blend from Red Heart called “Eco-Cotton Blend” 75% recycled cotton. Nice to work with. Lighter cotton than my other bags, but just as strong.

Market bag #3

I tried to do rolled handles on this one. They feel nice, but I think for added strength, I’ll crochet a little at the corners. It’s floppy too. 🙂

Now onto other things,….I wanted to just write a little tiny bit about the 100 year old Japanese poetress Toyo Shibata that I discovered when I did some searching the other day.

As soon as I saw a picture of her, I felt the love,wisdom and gentleness that came from her image. Made me smile. I wish there was an English translation of all her poems. Guess I’ll wait for it. She inspired me so much- I was able to find one poem that someone translated.

Glad I followed my instincts and impulses.

I’m thinking about a little home made book, that contains inspirational thoughts, quotes, poems, little messages from the internal whispers, little picture or two. Something I can take with me and just flip to any page and know it will bring me a smile.


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