Going round in circles with scraps

I had some lovely green cotton yarn left over from my bags project and wanted to use the rest up. So I crocheted this little round box and a few tatted bookmarks.

The top and bottom of the box are doubles. 4 circles are used and then a small border or side/middle. It’s like having a thicker base by using 2 rounds sewn together. And the double one’s for the top of the box are great for keeping whatever treasures are inside, safe from falling out. 🙂  I sew half of each round on the top with a whip stitch. Then I tuck one full circle on the inside and the other for the cover.  I am using the little bit of yarn left over to make a tassel and I’ll add that to the box later.

The shuttles in the picture are of my own making and design. I did those many many years ago, when I had the urge to tat with yarn. Hence the motivation to make my own shuttles that would accommodate yarn instead of thread.

I make magic circle rings with left over yarn as well and make hot pads. These are double circles sewn together and then tacked together. But what you don’t see is the inside of each little round. I reused/recycled some thin cork-board and cut out circles as well to fit inside each. I like using up wool scrap yarn for hot pads. They make great gifts too. 🙂

I made another hot pad just like this one, only it’s two layers deep of rounds. Looks like a big flower. And where that got to just now, I don’t know! In a drawer somewhere! I made several of these for xmas gifts a few years ago. Made a few for myself too 🙂




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  1. Beautiful work as always. 🙂

    I remember those shuttles. That was a fun time.

    Now…have you seen those foot warmer slippers you stick in the microwave on tv? You could make those for cold piggies!

  2. Reblogged this on The Crocheting Moms Corner and commented:
    I love these, what a great way to use up extra yarn. I love to read and am a firm believer that you can never have too many bookmarks

    Thanks Zen Garden Angel

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I agree about the bookmarks too! In the long ago, I would spend days tatting just one complex pattern. These work just as well and take me very little time. More time, more bookmarks! lol

  3. Oh my gosh! That shuttle is gorgeous! I hope you still make those shuttles because I was under the impression that if you wanted to tat with yarn you had to switch over to the tatting needle so this is incredible! Not only that your work is gorgeous!

    • Oh thank you for the complements:) I made 4 pairs long ago. Haven’t made any more in several years. I made them all different colors to suit myself and whims. lol I liked these (that are in the picture) the best.

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