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Learning something new isn’t always fun and new shuttles for May

It isn’t easy starting something new when you know nothing. The learning curve for me has been a bit on the hard side. Although the etsy business has been great and taught me much, oh boy, did I learn that I wasn’t paying any attention to material costs and packaging costs. I’ve spent as much on clay and sanding materials and packaging, as I made on shuttles. Meaning, I wasn’t making any money for my time making these! lol  Who knew!

Well, I had to raise the prices a wee bit. I hope people understand this and the reasons why. Newbie errors I guess.

I’ve spent so many long days and hours making shuttles that my hands are sore with blisters. lol  Sanding never was my favorite thing of course. But there you go. I listed a bunch for the month of May and I hope my hands heal in time to do more later on.

Then there’s the yard work!!!  More blisters!!! And my gardens!  Holy Smokes Batman. Like I didn’t have enough on my plate! I’ve been digging in the dirt, weeding, tilling and planning the planting to come. The weather has been so nasty lately. Lots of rain and cold temps.

But when there’s been a sunny day, the whole neighborhood sounds out cries of mowers and weed whackers. It’s kinda funny.

I need some down time now. Time to read and relax a little bit. I push myself way too hard sometimes. Especially when I find myself caught up in a passion of mine.

My big project, is almost finished. I have designed a scarf that I haven’t had a model to pose for yet. My tatting has gone into a strange land of, keep it simple and see what you can do in that realm.

Now I had to make myself a set of these shuttles, after I posted them. I kinda wished I’d kept em just for me. I ran low on the cane for them though. So mine aren’t as fancy as I posted.

It takes me hours and hours to make up a cane to put on shuttles. That’s where a lot of my time is, besides the sanding and shaping! I can’t of course pay myself a good wage for all the time I spend at this. I’d have to price these so high, it would be unreasonable.

Aren’t they pretty?  Yep, sure wish I kept those myself. lol   Oh well. That is what makes them special for someone else I suppose. 🙂

My health is good. My energy level a bit on the low side. I got a few new books to read over the summer time. One of them is on the subconscious. Which is really a good one. I started it already. Written by Joseph Murphy.

And the Dark Shadows movie, yummie———

ooooooooooo that is going to be so great!  What memories that invokes! I could hardly get through a high school day without waiting to get home to watch Dark Shadows and see what B. Collins was up to next. lol

Guess this is enough gab for awhile. Hope everyone is enjoying all the blessings of good weather somewhere! lol


So many new tat things

Between tatting and making shuttles, I’m kinda stuck for this as my moment in time. Guess this is going to be a TaT post then. lol  I might slip in something else. Hard to say! lol

Well, the picture is all about the Heart Shuttle Pendant Necklaces I made long ago. Never could get good pictures of them, not counting the time I did, and hubby deleted them all by accident. grrrr. Well, I finally got them posted up at the shop this morning.

Then, I was in some strange “goth” state of mind last week and made a set of shuttles. Here’s a little taste of what is in the set. 🙂

Am still tatting away at that challenge. Here’s a picture of not quite half way there. From last night, I’m nearing that finish line. Now, I’m trying to think,….I’m going to tat a flower to put on it, but what kind I haven’t decided in all this time. First I thought a simple rosette, but I saw some flower in tat that had double picot petals and fell in love with it. But I can’t find instructions anywhere. Am sure some fun tatter makes these, maybe even sold them at etsy in a time past. I just don’t know. Hopefully someone will let me know 🙂 They look like double rows of flower petals. Am kinda hooked on that one.

The weather has turned nice for a change and I know somebody else who’s really happy about that! This is a younger version of him. He’s turning lots grayer these days. My precious!

This is Maxwell. Such a loving friend. Don’t know what I’d do without him in my life!  He’s seen me through some hard times. And that’s my post for awhile. I’m going to be super busy for the next week. Hope this enough posting for the time being.


Yes, 33 years, or is it 32. It’s one of those. That’s how long I’ve been married. So today is the day. Now let’s see what happened. I went to fix a very nice breakfast for us, and the sausage had spoilt. Bummer. So went to toast and poached eggs.

Then I get a message that something is wrong with the etsy store link. So I check it out and the store was broken. lol Now fixed.

Then I checked and Mercury is still Retrograde and will go direct the 4th of April. So, hurrah hurrah!

I made coffee and poured in some milk as usual and of course, it was off. Stomach upset. And you know, I don’t really care if the sun comes out today or not. lol

He’s off watching tv and I’m sitting here doing this and thinking, what can I really do today,….I’d rather do nothing, if everything I do try ends all mucked up. lol  Tip toes lightly back to bed. Think I’ll stay there and read a book. 🙂

What’s come out of my workbasket lately

I was really under the gun yesterday. I had a 18 year old birthday party to go to and no present! I got an idea for a necklace first thing yesterday morning and took a few hours to do. But this little workbasket of mine has been getting such a work out!

I didn’t even pretty this up to take a picture. It’s exactly as it is when I left it yesterday. And I’ll just add one more thing, I do believe this is the very last kind of a party I’ll be going to for a very long time. Least until my grandson turns 18,….I have time.

So here’s a list of what’s in there if some things don’t make sense. There’s my crochet hook that I put a handle on. Very easy to grab. There’s the flat shuttles I do my yarn tatting with and the challenge is on them I talked about before. That triangle thing you see, is my home made needle case. I can stick my scissors in there too. Guess I lost them somewhere. lol

And the little 3 sided boxes are what I make for my thumb shuttles and the smaller one is for my thimble. Everything else you can figure out.

So today is International Tatting Day and I did make some very special shuttles for those. I listed them up at the shop already.

It’s snowing like crazy right now. I’ve got a cup of coffee and am done working for the morning.

Yesterday the sun came out for this party business. I saw a bee, a beetle, and a brand new lady bug. I was telling people all I needed now was to see a butterfly and I’d be happy that Spring really is on it’s way!  Well, soon as I walked through my own garden gate, what did I see?  A brown butterfly!  I was smiling from ear to ear. Now I’m watching a snow flurry! haha


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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