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Dragon experiments

I was inspired by a request from another tatter some months ago, to do something dragonish with my shuttles. I was into flowers then. Now it’s time for a new series of design. Dragon Scales. 🙂 I’ll be listing these tomorrow at the etsy store. Along with a new tatting accessory 🙂

The picture doesn’t do these justice. There is a lot of shimmer and light play in these.

Updates: On other matters I’ve blogged about,…the tatted trellis looks grand on the porch. I hung some crystals in the tatted rings of the net to catch light and cast rainbows. 🙂 Hard taking a picture of this. I’ll try again later. (I am such a Pollyanna)

Jake didn’t make it. He suffered from what many of that breed do. The only fix was surgery and at that a 50/50 chance. 😦 I won’t go on and on about it. It’s too painful. All I can say is,….the end was very peaceful and he was happy. The silence, from the lack of his presence is loud.

The shuttle contest got hung up in some waiting confirmation thingy. I’m kind of distraught to fuss over it. It’s unfortunate more who were interested, didn’t stay interested or couldn’t figure out what was going on. Just private message me over at Intatters if you wondered what was going on. Several people did stay in touch and are working hard at their designs. Bless em! It’s going to be difficult to make a pick on those! Such talented tatters!

As you might imagine, I’m in need of another break from blogging and other online activities. I need to do my thing and work through some emotions. Loss is something different for everyone.

Blessings to everyone!



Tangled in webs

I’m just wondering, how come it is,….I couldn’t get it right from the start! The green bean trellis is now an adornment for the front porch! lol I got tangled in the webs putting it up. I’m glad no one was around with a video camera!

I have to order more cotton yarn to redo the trellis for the green beans now. lol  Since it’s been really cold all of a sudden, I’m still wondering if the beans will take their sweet time germinating. 🙂  We’ll see.

Jake is still on the mend. This is taking a long time for healing.

Poor baby. Good thoughts are still requested 🙂  He took a spill yesterday because he’s not steady on his bag legs yet. But he is having happy moments during the day and will wag his tail from time to time. Eating good, drinking water, doing all the other doggie duties. We have hope he’ll recover. 🙂

It has been so cold and so rainy that the lilac’s didn’t have a chance. We just have years like that.

Since the whirlwind of shuttles and tatting and gardening, I’m taking myself back into flower essences today. Planning on making more of my calming combination. I’d given so much away, it’s time to restock.

That’s enough gab for today. Oh and my computer problem was the electric cord. I got another one 🙂

Tatted Trellis Update

My math skills I should say from the “git” absolutely Succoth. So here’s some good news and here’s some bad news. lol It’s that kind of day! lol

When working this tatting, you go from one side all the way across, then back the other way. I started it in the house. But it became unmanageable. So I went and tied it to the cloths line and  that worked out great. That’s the good news part. About 2 and a half feet into this,….I thought to stretch out the diamonds a bit and remeasure to make certain. Well,….let’s say it this way,….great measurements if I was to do only half of it! lol  There was no hanging affect after I stretched it out at all!!!!  That’s the bad news bit.

The other bad news bit, is I have to make a whole other one and then knot them together down the middle. This will be interesting!

And talk about time involved! I figure, if I worked every single day, and got at least a foot done each day,…this little project turns into a 20 day affair. That’s with good weather every day. lol This little idea just became a “Monster”! haha

No, no I’m not giving up. I have given in to doing more work than I thought however.  When I get about 4 feet done on this one panel of it,….I’ll post another picture and update.

As to the Trade news, there isn’t much to say at the moment. I need some advise yet on how to set it up. So I’m leaving it there for the moment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

One of my newest designs

This past week I spent hours and hours designing new rose designed Thumb Shuttles. The two I loved best were the Gothic Roses on a Black, and the white pair with black roses.

The Gothic Roses are at the Etsy shop, but the Black Rose one’s, I wanted to have more fun with, like a trade for some original designed tatted earrings. Now the idea is growing into a Contest. So here are my original designed Black Rose Thumb Shuttles for the trade :).

This is a picture of the Tops.(again)

The above is a picture of the middles.

This is a picture of the backs of them. The black roses on the backs are not centered. That way I could tell which was the top and which was the bottom. lol

At the moment, these are one of a kind. I don’t know if I want to do another pair for the Etsy Store or not. Working in white is a bit more difficult than most, because keeping it white is an issue. These came out perfect however. Which made them special to me.

So there you have it. The Trading Stock!


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