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Wild Yellow Roses

One of the beauties we look forward to near the first days of summer! There are a few of us in town who have these wild yellow roses. We all went out into the country, to this one spot. The wild yellow roses were like trees and been there for maybe 40 years or so. We got some young starts, and mine have been through an accident so aren’t as lush as other people’s are.

Oh, you want to know about the accident? lol

Well, it was 3 years past, and the grass had grown so tall near these roses, that I had the bright idea to just burn off the grass. (snickers) Well, that worked good except it caught the roses on fire too. I stood there in shock as it all lit up. Couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t think it was that dry!!!! But it came back slowly and is doing okay now.

I haven’t been back to that special spot to see how the original tree bush is doing. Or if it’s still there even. The land has been sold several times and I have no idea what the owner’s have done with it. I heard a rumor it was dozed over. 😦

I’m going to harvest the buds and dry them on a thread. When the red wild roses come on next, I’ll do the same thing. I love having strands of roses to hang around the house for the winter time. Keeps me connected to Summer.

I’ve not had many good sunny days even still. So I lay in bed, with all my workbook magazines around me for comfort while it rains. Flipping through pages and pages, checking out all the old recipes and canning receipes. It will be time for that soon. Putting up jars of special pickles, and jams.

The other gardeners in town are complaining about the weather and their gardens aren’t doing so good.

Mine is fine. I did it the Anastasia way too. I buried Jake in the garden and for some reason, the whole area feels different. It has a peace and gentleness vibe all of it’s own. It really does feel different out there now. Reflective almost. I don’t know how to describe it really. It’s nice in any regard.

On the sunny day I went outside and sat in the sun. Started designing summer things in tatting. Like an anklet. Some rings. Some earrings. I’m playing with a barefoot sandle that so many tatters are doing right now. Mine won’t be for the shop though. This is just playfulness for my own self. They look good when your foot is stretched out, but when you put your foot down to walk, the tatted work buckles up. Now I don’t like that look so I wouldn’t try and sell something like that. But it’s fun none the less. I don’t know how to get it to not buckle. I’ve tried several different designs and still get that happening.

The reason I started a barefoot sandal in the first place was my anklet was so pretty, my neighbor wanted one too. And I thought I could extend the anklet to this barefoot idea. I’m barefoot all the time outside, so I went after designing again. We’ll see. Actually I think I’m just wasting my time with it.

I do get caught up in a problem and try to solve it. 🙂 I should just make a set for myself and be done with it, Buckling and all. lol The worst part of my designing is this. I don’t write down what I’m doing as I’m doing it. Because most times, it doesn’t come out right. So after I get one done, then try and do another, I can’t figure out which way or which direction I was at, to change or add, or whatever. Oh I know if you don’t tat, that made no sense whatsoever. lol

I’ll have a few surprises to put in the shop soon. I haven’t made any more shuttles, because my time has gone to this other thing. I did have some new ideas/designs for shuttles too, but I made up one to see how it looked, and I liked it. So I’ll expand on those later when I get out of this, tat mode.

Some things, I’ll share at the shop. Some things, I might just share right here. My shop is more like,…the things I’d gift a friend with or relative with. It’s not pumping out product actually. I feel differently about my stuff. I make what I like and what I want to share with other people. Like a gift. My head isn’t in the space of, oh I wonder what would sell well. Nope, that’s not my intent.

And I even still think,…when I’ve made some thing new,…my Mom would love this! She’d be proud.

I guess I miss her so much and her joyfulness at the stuff I made, that I still do things to please her and myself. Did that make sense? Her passing, took that away from me as well. So I have to smile at myself every time I come up with something new. My first thought is always, Mom will love this! (Must be an old habit). Because a moment of sadness follows that thought.

Just like the wild yellow roses. She loved those so much and looked forward to their blooming time. 🙂


Love finishing things!


I got some thumb shuttles boxes made. I really liked this one the best, even if it is christmasy. 🙂

I finished the green bean trellis!!!  Yes I did! And in the nick of time too! The green beans are all up about 3 inches now. The trellis, this go round, came out absolutely perfect . The measurements were exact across and all the way down to barely the ground. I was so surprised!  I just guessed at it again, with the prior learning from the one that’s now on the porch. Thing is, it’s hard to get a picture of it because the yarn is thin. When I tried to take a picture, it just disappeared. lol  So I’ll wait till the beans start climbing on it and then take a picture. I just can’t tell you how relieved I am!  It looks good too. Just as I imagined it from the beginning in my mind’s eye. 🙂

When I was younger, I rarely finished a project. It was a big personality issue. But I do remember one day, being upset at all these beginning projects and I made a vow to myself. Don’t start something if you really don’t have your heart into it. What I learned from that time was I needed to really have a passion for something I started, then it was motivation to continue till it’s done. So the trellis is done. And I finished two more pairs of dragon scales thumb shuttles. I have to buffed them and get them photographed. But I’m so happy to finish all these things I started. It’s a weight lifted.

We are all still missing Jake. This is going to take time.

I had to cover the tomato’s, it’s been raining and cold every day for over a week. No sign yet of that changing. Just lucky we didn’t get snow!  That’s happened before in June here.

And I just added these to the Etsy Store this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, it dried out and I mowed grass. It started raining again just the second I was done and put the mower away! lol But that’s out of the way.

Sometimes, I have a long range project going in the background. I have one right now that is knit cord, and I’m making enough of it to actually weave a basket. I love basket weaving and especially love these knit one’s I’ve done. They are thick and bulky and soft. I’ll have to take a picture of the last one I made. The new one is forest colors. 🙂 I haven’t finished weaving the bottom part yet. It takes more time than anyone really wants to spend on a basket. Just knitting the cord takes months. That’s why it’s a long range project. I just work on it, when I get other things done first. And it’s mindless. I love having a mindless project to work on while I watch tv. Making knitted cord does that for me.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not, but several months ago, I was meditating and had an experience I really don’t have words for.  Since that day, the creativity and ideas for making things, hasn’t quit. They keep coming in fast and furious. I’ve never experienced such a wild time of ideas! But it’s been wonderful. And much of it has to do with things I haven’t done before. So there’s adventure! lol

I’ve been keeping a notebook just for the idea’s I can’t get to yet. But I’m having such a wonderful time creating.

Well, I’ve blathered on as many topics as I can do for the moment. I had a new idea for a design I need to try out on more shuttles. I best get to it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, doing something they love to do. Finish a project!!!!! (snickers):)


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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