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Winter Gardening inside

I never noticed this before, that there are different areas of myself that constantly go through a gardening process.

My winter gardening consists of picking new seeds of thought or ideas. Sometimes the seeds might be the same kind of plant but of a different variety. Just like a specific vegetable that I always plant, might come from Russia instead of the Usa or grow a different colour. I try out new flavors.

Often I re- till the soil of my mind and clear out all the weeds and grass to try something new, almost like crop rotation. lol

The books I get for winter are really like seed catalogs. I get some new ideas from them. Plant them, tend them, watch them grow, and harvest them come spring time. I experiment with the produce. If they taste good (make me feel good) and turn out to benefical, then they are keepers. 🙂

I recently got a book on the history of zen and a fantastic little book called “Short cut to Happiness”. Both of which complement the other, to further my understanding of how the mind and spirit work.

In the spring, there is so much physical activity, that for me, leaves little time for introspection. But winter time is perfect for the inner gardening. Spring gardening to feed the body, winter gardening to feed the mind and spirit.


Gray days

When each day presents itself in gray skies several things come over me. My female brain re sets itself to basic mode. Basic mode for me is thinking and doing those things that bring comfort. Comfort food. Comfortable clothes. Reaching out with my mind into natures resting scenery. Thinking comforting thoughts.

Not having kids at home, and being retired means I can take it easy and put myself in the natural rhythm of winters sleep. Every day is a day for gratitude. For reflection. Having no family near by also means I don’t have to stress about making the big thanksgiving meal, like so many women do right now. There are no family dramas, no travel plans to make.

And truth be told, those activities are endearing. They are memory makers. As I sit here, I’m blessed with the memories of my own thanksgivings. Ones my mother did. Those were the really big ones- with uncles and aunts, cousins and even an unfortunate acquaintance or two, who had no family to be with on Thanksgiving day. And I remember Mother requesting a joining of hands, after all the lovely food was laid out in front of us all, for the prayer. In that solemn moment, where every head was bowed, each beating heart emptied out the magnificent blessings they experienced and the remarkable spirit entered the room of pure gratitude.

Being together, loving, enjoying the comforts of family,friends, grand foods and wonderful sites and scents, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.


I’m staying busy, just getting through each day’s chores. It seems like I just don’t have extra time or inclination both to make new things for the shop. Nearing the holidays means I need to get gifts made for family and friends first. Like most everyone else that crafts. 🙂


Not forgetting to take time out for my self. Simple pleasures. Playing with kindle apps. And reading books.


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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