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Zen Crazy Evil Eye shawl


This is just a section so you can see the evil eyes. I could tell you how I started the center. But then this has a strangeness to it from there. I couldn’t figure a pattern to continue in the round with it, and every time I tried something, it required me to unravel it. Then it demanded I just observe its own nature. By doing that, intuition kicked  in and I just went with the flow. When I quit using my ego to make this thing, and just allowed it to be and grow however it was meant to, it became enjoyable and fun to see what was  going to happen next. Isn’t that odd?

And this is my “I quit smoking” project.

To start, using the magic loop, 4 dc, then chain 4, go back to the top of 4th dc and slip stitch. (This makes a picot) Repeat till you have 4 picots with 4 dc’s in between. Slip stitch to the top of the beginning 3 dc ‘s and put the crochet hook through the picot making a slip stitch there.

Second row:  Chain 8. Go back 4 chain and slip stitch- making a picot. Chain 2, then make 4 dc ‘s in the picot. Turn work with your yarn going under the first 4 chain stitches, like using it for a post, then make 4 d ‘s, a picot, 4 d ‘s, (all in the picot space), another picot and slip stitch the top 3 d ‘s, and slip stitch into the first picot. Chain 4 and slip stitch into the first eye’s picot. Repeat around. You’ll have 4 separate evil eyes, when this round is completed. Remember to pay attention to the turning of work around the post and not get them twisted.

You’ll notice the slight slant. From there, your on your own way with it. 🙂 Good luck should you try and attempt this. Sure has been a lesson in humility for me. lol

I wanted to work in the round which set up the challenge. Then I saw I could stop at some point and just work half. That meant breaking the thread at the end of each row. When I get it long enough, I’ll go back to the smaller section of round and work it out for a hood. That’s what I felt was  right to do. It could be totally different for you!

I’m using up all my scrap wool yarn in finger weight for this so it’s going to be wild and colorful.


Quitting smoking sucketh

Who can write, think or even talk, when your identifying all those thing with a smoke? Hardest thing I’ve attempted in a long time.

Now the only vise I’ve got left is cursing!!!  Well I’ll just go ahead and relish what’s left. 🙂

Besides with all this Zen, Buddhist studying I’ve been doing, cursing may just fall away from me on its from lack of interest.

Okay, so forgive my briefatay. I quit the first of the year. I’ve smoke like 45 years. And it was  something I read in a kindle book that just kicked my ass on the topic. Never thought a little book would be the thing to get me to quit either.

At the same moment, I thought I better do something to keep my hands busy going through this.
I thought I’d just be in the moment of now, do a center circle and see what happened. Crocheting. Well my circle turns  into an evil eye and began teaching me how it was  going to work itself out at that! So my Zen or Tao or just be in the now moment turns  into another battle with ego mind. Might as well load it up. I’ve been yelling at that voice trying to get me smoking again full time/ for days and days. Like that smoking demon from the underworld sitting on your shoulder. Okay, digression. So this project decides to be a shawl, and go it’s own way, and whenever I tried to try out an idea, it would just resist. So no pattern. Just go on and see  how it turns out. Following  instinct.

I’m listening and surrendering to each moment.


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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