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Bad wraps

The Evil Eye. Which as an amulet, isn’t evil at all. In fact, it is a protection against someone giving you the evil eye, or wishing you negative intent, or trying to put some bad mojo on you, or sending jealousy and hatred your way, evil eye reflects/shields/protects. (Reportedly) lol

Okay, so there is (after I went ahead and googled this to write about it) a celebrity spot where evil eye jewelry is sold. Check that out! http://www.evileyestore.com

Originally the beginnings were in Turkey?  I didn’t want to write out a whole history on the evil eye charm, so if your at all curious, you know what to do. lol

So to all you tatter’s out there, that have loved my thumb shuttles, what you see at the shop right now, is all there is going to be for a while. Maybe a long while.

I’m going to be pretty busy this next month, so I might not be posting for awhile.

Leaving you with this thought, to those of you I’ve met online and keep in touch with, you know I really love you. Live life as full as you can, and may it be sparkly and fun.

Note to self: Don’t write while medicated. lol


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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