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Mental garden

It seems life has taken me in up in a whirlwind and dropped me off at a place, where I have no garden to tend.

I had planted some forget-me-nots, but alas, they were dug up by other gardeners training their children. Sad smile Okay, whatever.

It is Zen I think, to go with the flow. And I’m learning that I can not fight the fates when they’ve made up their mind.

The garden I’m tending now, is in my mind. Not an imaginary garden with flowers and bees buzzing, but I am considering my mental landscape and how it needs weeding, pruning and new plantings of ideas or beliefs that yield a good crop of health and vitality. Life force.

I am without a home of my own, without a mate, without my possessions, without perfect health at the moment.  There is a great amount of thinking I have to do. Or mental gardening.

One of the things that most interests me right now, is Angelic Beings and how they fit into my life as a human being. I’m going to study this for awhile and maybe add some angelic beings into my mental garden. Smile


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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