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Finally! Beans!

This will be the last picture I take of the trellis. I’m harvesting beans from it every other day. I’m freezing them as fast as I pick them and sharing them with neighbors.

This was a very satisfying project I just have to say 🙂

I’m enjoying the sunny days right now. I water things twice a day. Cool of the morning and evening. I’m reading the Anastasia books again. It seems fresh to me. Like I might of missed many things the first time I read the series. I even shared the first book with a friend who wanted to read something new that had new thoughts. Well, that fit the bill! lol

I designed and tatted a new bracelet but I haven’t put any up at the shop. I’ve had too much fun wearing them myself and my friends have too. I even traded one for a beaded one. lol  I do like a good trade! I made a red/white one a blue/white one and a purple/white one. I may put one up some time.

I haven’t been doing much else right now. I’ve slowed down. My muse has slowed down. Which is good for me. It was running way too fast for me for the longest time. I’m happy doing not much but reading.

There is a site online called Frugal Haus Knitting and they had a very good knitting pattern for a french shopping bag. I had gotten the pattern long long ago from there. I just came across it here recently. I did okay when I made all the other one’s last year from memory. But the last one I made, I played with my own pattern. Which I’m sure isn’t mine actually, it’s got to be a written one somewhere along the line. But I knit 3 knit in 1 knit stitch all the way around, then straight knit for two rows after and repeated. I wonder if it has a name? Boy this gives the best stretchy lace!  I think I’m beginning to get in the mood for some knitting now.

I got a recipe for refrigerator pickled veggies which I’m doing this season. I am getting great white cucumber’s now. So I’ll make a pepper/cuke/green bean pickle 🙂

I’ll take a picture of that when I get it filled up 🙂

I just harvested a gallon of lemon balm and plan on adding it to sun tea. So I best get at it and get it outside for the sun cure 🙂

Blessings to all


Itsy Bitsy Pond

Tat a tat tat

I know it’s been awhile since I posted here, but I had been super busy. It’s summer time and most people are traveling or playing outdoors. I did promise that once the green beans started climbing, I’d take a picture of the trellis. Well, they are climbing up on it and just for fun, I think I’ll take another picture when they’ve grown half way .

I have Virgina Creeper growing behind it 🙂 Hopefully it will cover that one window so there will be more shade.

The trellis is holding up really well to all the weather we’ve had. So far so good.

As to my summer tatting,…I gifted a neighbor with an anklet and she just loved it. Wore it everywhere, every day. She told me it made her feel extra “pretty”. lol Then requests for more poured in as she received so many complements on hers! Didn’t think I’d be doing so many of those! But you know me,…I can do a few of something and then it’s on to the next thing! So I thought a few for the shop would be good and then that’s that!

I modified an antique lace edging pattern a little bit and added beads to make them.

Every summer I make a new anklet and have for years. I love anklets! But I think these are my favorite one’s. When I’m in the mood to do more, I’ll do darker flower colors I think. About the time I was done making several of these, I came into some very expensive silk thread. Knowing that tatting with silk has a few challenges, one being gardener hands! lol  (snag snag snag) The other is it often makes tatting designs floppy. I had gotten a larger sized silk thread and designed something simple and elegant that didn’t flop. Those are up at the shop.

Let’s see, oh yes, working with flat yarn shuttles. I designed a amulet bag for a friend’s special day in a few months. I liked it so much, I made one for myself and one for the shop too!  I did say I’d been busy didn’t I? lol  I was still in dragon scale design mode at the time.

My bday was uneventful. Because my husband is mostly an invalid, I had loads of chores to do around the place and I shop for a month’s worth of food at a time. Summer is so busy and there is only one of me to do all that needs doing. I should of had more kids is a refrain. But I didn’t. There just isn’t very much help available, even for hire. So I muddle along, taking one thing at a time. I figure, it will all get done before next winter, or it won’t. lol

My sketch pad is loaded up with new patterns and ideas that just won’t quit. I don’t have enough time to get to even half of it. It’s one thing at a time with that as well.

Hopefully this week,…I’ll be able to just take a day or two off, make arrangements for hubby to be cared for and go help a dear friend who’s fighting cancer and enduring chemo. We just found out about it two months ago. I don’t even have the words. It’s horrid. The treatment for it is extremely harsh. I’m praying for the cure. I know our time together will be special though.

Each day that comes brings something to me. I’m grateful for each breath. Each idea of something I can do, or to make a little pretty that adds delight or a smile is important to me. And in every day, even dealing with tough stuff, I’m looking for a bit of joy. I find it often. And I cling to it!

best wishes of comfort, joy, delight and blessings to all who read this. I’m off now, chores to do!





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