Personal Goals

Personal Goals

January 16, 2012

I don’t usually do resolutions. But this year I thought I would go ahead and make some personal changes.

Listening to music more often is the first one.

Explore the emotion of love in different ways than I have before. Love being translated into an expression. It’s the different ways through crafts that I wanted to explore. I wanted to create differently- Through the emotion of love.  I don’t know if this makes sense or not. I sometimes have a problem expressing my thoughts 🙂 I know that many create a gift of love to give to someone they care for, through many mediums. I want to start from the feeling of love and see what creative idea comes. Then work until it’s completed with the emotion of that love all the way through. If that makes sense.

Get back to studying the art of manifesting. Picking a goal and working towards it in a different way.

Being more aware of my actions in a daily way and wanting them to reflect more from the heart.

Working Qigong into a daily routine. I need the exercise, especially in the winter time.

I also want to become more aware of my thinking and try and master the art of positive thoughts. This means more time set aside for meditation. I’ve gotten so lazy!


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