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One of my newest designs

This past week I spent hours and hours designing new rose designed Thumb Shuttles. The two I loved best were the Gothic Roses on a Black, and the white pair with black roses.

The Gothic Roses are at the Etsy shop, but the Black Rose one’s, I wanted to have more fun with, like a trade for some original designed tatted earrings. Now the idea is growing into a Contest. So here are my original designed Black Rose Thumb Shuttles for the trade :).

This is a picture of the Tops.(again)

The above is a picture of the middles.

This is a picture of the backs of them. The black roses on the backs are not centered. That way I could tell which was the top and which was the bottom. lol

At the moment, these are one of a kind. I don’t know if I want to do another pair for the Etsy Store or not. Working in white is a bit more difficult than most, because keeping it white is an issue. These came out perfect however. Which made them special to me.

So there you have it. The Trading Stock!


Learning something new isn’t always fun and new shuttles for May

It isn’t easy starting something new when you know nothing. The learning curve for me has been a bit on the hard side. Although the etsy business has been great and taught me much, oh boy, did I learn that I wasn’t paying any attention to material costs and packaging costs. I’ve spent as much on clay and sanding materials and packaging, as I made on shuttles. Meaning, I wasn’t making any money for my time making these! lol  Who knew!

Well, I had to raise the prices a wee bit. I hope people understand this and the reasons why. Newbie errors I guess.

I’ve spent so many long days and hours making shuttles that my hands are sore with blisters. lol  Sanding never was my favorite thing of course. But there you go. I listed a bunch for the month of May and I hope my hands heal in time to do more later on.

Then there’s the yard work!!!  More blisters!!! And my gardens!  Holy Smokes Batman. Like I didn’t have enough on my plate! I’ve been digging in the dirt, weeding, tilling and planning the planting to come. The weather has been so nasty lately. Lots of rain and cold temps.

But when there’s been a sunny day, the whole neighborhood sounds out cries of mowers and weed whackers. It’s kinda funny.

I need some down time now. Time to read and relax a little bit. I push myself way too hard sometimes. Especially when I find myself caught up in a passion of mine.

My big project, is almost finished. I have designed a scarf that I haven’t had a model to pose for yet. My tatting has gone into a strange land of, keep it simple and see what you can do in that realm.

Now I had to make myself a set of these shuttles, after I posted them. I kinda wished I’d kept em just for me. I ran low on the cane for them though. So mine aren’t as fancy as I posted.

It takes me hours and hours to make up a cane to put on shuttles. That’s where a lot of my time is, besides the sanding and shaping! I can’t of course pay myself a good wage for all the time I spend at this. I’d have to price these so high, it would be unreasonable.

Aren’t they pretty?  Yep, sure wish I kept those myself. lol   Oh well. That is what makes them special for someone else I suppose. 🙂

My health is good. My energy level a bit on the low side. I got a few new books to read over the summer time. One of them is on the subconscious. Which is really a good one. I started it already. Written by Joseph Murphy.

And the Dark Shadows movie, yummie———

ooooooooooo that is going to be so great!  What memories that invokes! I could hardly get through a high school day without waiting to get home to watch Dark Shadows and see what B. Collins was up to next. lol

Guess this is enough gab for awhile. Hope everyone is enjoying all the blessings of good weather somewhere! lol

Yarn Tatting-Medallion to Doily Instantly

I had some dishcloth cotton yarn left over and decided to try out one of my favorite Medallion patterns. Usually it’s done in thread. I should of put a quarter on this so you could see how big it is! lol

So this small medallion, turned instantly into a doily. Big, bold and beautiful. I tried blocking it, but never got to all the picots to sort them out. In fact, I kinda of forgot I was blocking it for a few days. lol Let me just say that one of the double rings is the size of a quarter. That gives you an idea!  This measures 8″ by 8″. This scan doesn’t do it justice at all.

It’s a beautiful green mixed with white. Got faded out in the scan. Well, you do get the idea. 🙂

For many years, I’ve been tatting with yarn. It’s so much better on my eye sight. And the satisfaction I get is perfect fulfillment.

The nicest thing in tatting with yarn is the beauty of the bold. You see the prettiness of all the picots and patterns right away.

One of the things I have come to realize is that, although tatting has this reputation of being a lost art, it isn’t lost. I know that tatting with yarn is more of a rarity however. Mostly tatters turn to a tatting needle or a big Tatsy shuttle to work with yarn. I’ve never done either.

With yarn tatting, the possibilities to jump into big projects that you always wanted to do, is closer in reach to “getting it done” with yarn. Tablecloths, shawls, wool doily’s, lamp covers, place-mats (luncheon sets), scarves, bags, even bedspreads I dare say! lol

To take your favorite medallion pattern (or any pattern for that matter) and work it in yarn, requires a few adjustments. Usually a pattern reads a ring with equal beginning ds’s and ends the same. But when you work in yarn, you will see that this causes the ring to be a bit lopsided. So you need to leave off 1 ds at the end of your ring before closing it. This same adjustment can be made on a chain. When rings are to be joined, you will notice, you don’t usually have to leave off that last ds. Begin a practise piece. It’s best to watch the pattern your working with, take notes where in the pattern you need to make those adjustments, and then basically your rewriting the pattern for Yarn tatting. When you’ve rewritten it,…then you can go from start to finish with confidence.

The other consideration is to watch the yarn and how it twists. You have to stay on top of this when you make a join. Yarn does tend to want to twist.

And the other consideration I find important, is your tension. In tatting with yarn, a medium to light tension is required. For old tatters like myself, I noticed I tatted with less stress working with yarn. lol I didn’t have to make those tight little ds’s. In fact, tatting with yarn seems much more of a gentle experience to me.

Another point in tatting a pattern that has many long chains in it, is that translated into yarn makes it more floppy. If you like more floppy that’s fine. But if you want more stability in the piece, I find that making more joins in chains to rings has a stabilizing effect to the over all piece. This is just part and parcel of rewriting a pattern for yarn tatting. It’s exciting and fun to do to see how it all comes out. 🙂

In the long ago, when I adventured into yarn tatting, I made my own shuttles to get the projects done I wanted to. I never had a moments problem and still use the same shuttles I made almost 10 years ago.

Recently I had the thought, that there would be more yarn tatters if they had better tools to do it with. I have made my own tatting tools over the years and actually there has been no one to share them with. No granddaughters to pass it on to.

All these thoughts has motivated me to want to help out the Tatting community by sharing my tools with others, which meant, “oh my god” doing a shop of some kind online!  Ack. A whole new adventure. Well, I can’t think of how to do it any other way, so my passion for tatting is pushing me forward.

I’m tiptoeing into putting up a Etsy store, hopefully this week, if I don’t chicken out. It’s daunting! But when I think of all the creativity of tatters and what they could be making with yarn,….wow.

I’m not a great tatter and don’t design fancy things. I’m just a tatter is all and I made helpful tools for myself, that now I feel might be useful for others. We’ll see. 🙂

I like working with cotton and wool/blends mostly. And the next project I’m jumping into is doing a small triangle shawl. I got some beautiful wool, alpaca blend at Knitpicks and want to do a simple pattern.

I’m still in the process of making shuttles too. These are time consuming. Each one being hand sculpted which takes more than a hour to get just right. Works of art actually if I do say so myself. lol I mean, if I don’t fall in love with a shuttle I make, I couldn’t possibly sell the thing either!  That just makes it harder to let go of, or put up for sale. Oh my. lol



Going round in circles with scraps

I had some lovely green cotton yarn left over from my bags project and wanted to use the rest up. So I crocheted this little round box and a few tatted bookmarks.

The top and bottom of the box are doubles. 4 circles are used and then a small border or side/middle. It’s like having a thicker base by using 2 rounds sewn together. And the double one’s for the top of the box are great for keeping whatever treasures are inside, safe from falling out. 🙂  I sew half of each round on the top with a whip stitch. Then I tuck one full circle on the inside and the other for the cover.  I am using the little bit of yarn left over to make a tassel and I’ll add that to the box later.

The shuttles in the picture are of my own making and design. I did those many many years ago, when I had the urge to tat with yarn. Hence the motivation to make my own shuttles that would accommodate yarn instead of thread.

I make magic circle rings with left over yarn as well and make hot pads. These are double circles sewn together and then tacked together. But what you don’t see is the inside of each little round. I reused/recycled some thin cork-board and cut out circles as well to fit inside each. I like using up wool scrap yarn for hot pads. They make great gifts too. 🙂

I made another hot pad just like this one, only it’s two layers deep of rounds. Looks like a big flower. And where that got to just now, I don’t know! In a drawer somewhere! I made several of these for xmas gifts a few years ago. Made a few for myself too 🙂




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