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Going round in circles with scraps

I had some lovely green cotton yarn left over from my bags project and wanted to use the rest up. So I crocheted this little round box and a few tatted bookmarks.

The top and bottom of the box are doubles. 4 circles are used and then a small border or side/middle. It’s like having a thicker base by using 2 rounds sewn together. And the double one’s for the top of the box are great for keeping whatever treasures are inside, safe from falling out. 🙂  I sew half of each round on the top with a whip stitch. Then I tuck one full circle on the inside and the other for the cover.  I am using the little bit of yarn left over to make a tassel and I’ll add that to the box later.

The shuttles in the picture are of my own making and design. I did those many many years ago, when I had the urge to tat with yarn. Hence the motivation to make my own shuttles that would accommodate yarn instead of thread.

I make magic circle rings with left over yarn as well and make hot pads. These are double circles sewn together and then tacked together. But what you don’t see is the inside of each little round. I reused/recycled some thin cork-board and cut out circles as well to fit inside each. I like using up wool scrap yarn for hot pads. They make great gifts too. 🙂

I made another hot pad just like this one, only it’s two layers deep of rounds. Looks like a big flower. And where that got to just now, I don’t know! In a drawer somewhere! I made several of these for xmas gifts a few years ago. Made a few for myself too 🙂




Beaded Dragonflies

It’s a cold snowy day today. I’m still waiting on my cotton yarn order to come in and there won’t be any mail today 🙂  I hunted through my box of some tatted pieces I had and I am thinking of Spring. And market bags, more knitting. I’m in the mood or knitting mode and it’s hard to shake once I become obsessive with a project. I did manage to get another bag made with the scraps of cotton yarn I had left.

Now that I found these dragonflies again, I can use them to sew on something for adornment. Or make earrings out of them. I like how they turned out. I went with the flow and didn’t write down a pattern for them. Why I stashed these away, I don’t remember!

I hadn’t been in a very creative zone in the longest time, now I feel like I’m bursting with the desire to create things. Guess I should just let “er” loose! lol

When I went to Joann’s online to order some yarn, I noticed there was a contest for “going green” with a certain brand of blended cotton yarn.(2010) I thought that was so awesome! That surely stirred up the creativity of many crafting artists and what a great cause! It’s what I had been thinking about previously. Help Mother Earth out! Get rid of plastic bags!

If I were to imagine all the knitters out there and crochet’ers, and they all made cotton or some other natural fiber market bags to use and share with others, wow,….that would sure be something. That’s a huge community! Nice thought. 🙂


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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