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List of my little helpers

Yes, I’m a big girl now. But I decided I’m in this world with other people, not an island to myself. I’m apart of everything. Just because the recent life experiences tackled me when I was resting, doesn’t mean I got kicked off the planet  and landed in some dark void.

Through my life time thus far, I collected a big box of tools to deal with my own self and life.

I experimented with many methods, ideas, paths. I kept what worked, tossed the rest. I noticed that a few things that used to work, don’t anymore. So those go too. But the rest is what I continue to work with. They benefit me, help me. So I thought I’d share a few of the things I do for myself when I need extra help.

One of the most recent helpers are CD’s from Glenn Harrold. These are hypnosis CD’s. I have so many now, but the one’s I use the most are: “Unleash Your True Potential”, “A Guided Meditation”, “Develop Your Self Confidence”. Another one I use is “Deep Insight” by Kelly Howell.

I listen to these once or twice a day. Every day. You get more benefit from them that way.

My flower essences have become a huge help in dealing with emotions. I never knew such power in the flower before. Gave them a chance to prove themselves, and they have with flying colors. I’ve turned so many people onto them through the last few years. Done “blind studies” too 🙂  They are a delight! And they work. Most definitely.

A few books keep coming back as old friend’s I can always turn to for added boost and get my head back on straight. Louise Hay’s “The Power Is Within You”. Love that book. Love it love it love it. And most recently, Isha Judd’s book, “Why walk when you can fly”.

I’m working with her system and it just add’s more to my day’s of moving out of the gray. Since I am seeing benefit, I’ll continue. Little moments of meditation with a smile help too 🙂

When Mom died, and I was left feeling like an abandoned child, I kinda feel the need to grow up again. Stand strong in this world. Embrace life in all of it’s many “colors”. Live it. Love it. Deal with it and be proud of myself, for having happiness in hard times, and inner joy for moments that are brief, but they happen. 🙂 I just don’t feel so heavy right now.

With my little helpers, I’m feeling lighter, brighter.


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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