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So many new tat things

Between tatting and making shuttles, I’m kinda stuck for this as my moment in time. Guess this is going to be a TaT post then. lol  I might slip in something else. Hard to say! lol

Well, the picture is all about the Heart Shuttle Pendant Necklaces I made long ago. Never could get good pictures of them, not counting the time I did, and hubby deleted them all by accident. grrrr. Well, I finally got them posted up at the shop this morning.

Then, I was in some strange “goth” state of mind last week and made a set of shuttles. Here’s a little taste of what is in the set. 🙂

Am still tatting away at that challenge. Here’s a picture of not quite half way there. From last night, I’m nearing that finish line. Now, I’m trying to think,….I’m going to tat a flower to put on it, but what kind I haven’t decided in all this time. First I thought a simple rosette, but I saw some flower in tat that had double picot petals and fell in love with it. But I can’t find instructions anywhere. Am sure some fun tatter makes these, maybe even sold them at etsy in a time past. I just don’t know. Hopefully someone will let me know 🙂 They look like double rows of flower petals. Am kinda hooked on that one.

The weather has turned nice for a change and I know somebody else who’s really happy about that! This is a younger version of him. He’s turning lots grayer these days. My precious!

This is Maxwell. Such a loving friend. Don’t know what I’d do without him in my life!  He’s seen me through some hard times. And that’s my post for awhile. I’m going to be super busy for the next week. Hope this enough posting for the time being.


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