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Finally! Beans!

This will be the last picture I take of the trellis. I’m harvesting beans from it every other day. I’m freezing them as fast as I pick them and sharing them with neighbors.

This was a very satisfying project I just have to say 🙂

I’m enjoying the sunny days right now. I water things twice a day. Cool of the morning and evening. I’m reading the Anastasia books again. It seems fresh to me. Like I might of missed many things the first time I read the series. I even shared the first book with a friend who wanted to read something new that had new thoughts. Well, that fit the bill! lol

I designed and tatted a new bracelet but I haven’t put any up at the shop. I’ve had too much fun wearing them myself and my friends have too. I even traded one for a beaded one. lol  I do like a good trade! I made a red/white one a blue/white one and a purple/white one. I may put one up some time.

I haven’t been doing much else right now. I’ve slowed down. My muse has slowed down. Which is good for me. It was running way too fast for me for the longest time. I’m happy doing not much but reading.

There is a site online called Frugal Haus Knitting and they had a very good knitting pattern for a french shopping bag. I had gotten the pattern long long ago from there. I just came across it here recently. I did okay when I made all the other one’s last year from memory. But the last one I made, I played with my own pattern. Which I’m sure isn’t mine actually, it’s got to be a written one somewhere along the line. But I knit 3 knit in 1 knit stitch all the way around, then straight knit for two rows after and repeated. I wonder if it has a name? Boy this gives the best stretchy lace!  I think I’m beginning to get in the mood for some knitting now.

I got a recipe for refrigerator pickled veggies which I’m doing this season. I am getting great white cucumber’s now. So I’ll make a pepper/cuke/green bean pickle 🙂

I’ll take a picture of that when I get it filled up 🙂

I just harvested a gallon of lemon balm and plan on adding it to sun tea. So I best get at it and get it outside for the sun cure 🙂

Blessings to all



I’d have a nervous breakdown, if I had the time

Typically, when things come up difficult to deal with, they seem to follow each other, one after another. I get to feeling overloaded.

Now I’m reminded that I’m at that time in life, when lots of negative things begin to happen to others. And it affects me as well.

Recently it is my husband’s lack of good health. A trip to emergency. And now all the nursing care I provide at home. Keeping me so busy, I don’t have time to do the other things I enjoy doing.

I believe that what I need be doing, is accept it all as graciously as possible. Take one moment at a time if I have to. And I do have to.
I find that using Isha Judd’s system is proving benefical. I am not feeling as sorry for myself as I would normally. The facets/affirmations tend to break up the cycle of “woe is me” very well. It cuts down all the negative thinking and emotions I would normally be going through. I am going through those of course, cause I’m human, but it’s quicker to get through this way.
It’s just life. And life is filled with many challenges, and some keep coming one after another. All are apart of human existence and experience. So here I am. Experiencing more and more.

If I can mange to stay in love with life, with myself and honor myself along the way, to continue to be kind and all that other happy crap, then I figure I’m going to be okay.

There is that part of me, that just wants to break plates, have a nervous break down and say, well you know,…you can fill in the blank. (F_____ I__) that way I can catch a good long break and maybe get a wee bit of rest inbetween all the drama’s of this. 🙂

Nice thing that I do have on hand, is some flower essences I made. One for calming, another for dealing with grief. All good. All work. Guess I decided to go in that direction rather than having a complete meltdown. 🙂


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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