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One of my newest designs

This past week I spent hours and hours designing new rose designed Thumb Shuttles. The two I loved best were the Gothic Roses on a Black, and the white pair with black roses.

The Gothic Roses are at the Etsy shop, but the Black Rose one’s, I wanted to have more fun with, like a trade for some original designed tatted earrings. Now the idea is growing into a Contest. So here are my original designed Black Rose Thumb Shuttles for the trade :).

This is a picture of the Tops.(again)

The above is a picture of the middles.

This is a picture of the backs of them. The black roses on the backs are not centered. That way I could tell which was the top and which was the bottom. lol

At the moment, these are one of a kind. I don’t know if I want to do another pair for the Etsy Store or not. Working in white is a bit more difficult than most, because keeping it white is an issue. These came out perfect however. Which made them special to me.

So there you have it. The Trading Stock!


Now serving the UK and Canada

Sure did take me long enough. Well I guess if your little post office is/ was on the chopping block and only temps are working, bound to be some issues. 🙂  Now resolved. And now I can offer up my shuttles to people in Canada and the UK. I am so pleased!

And I made these out of my yearly favorite color. Cobalt blue. These came out just beautiful. I made a pair of thumb shuttles to sort of match. lol  They are a shade or two darker than pictured here.

So I’m still at it and trying to be “gardner lady” too. Right now, my hubby’s dog Jake,….featured on a post about gardens,…is very seriously ill or injured I should say. He’s behaving like he got run over by a car, but truth is, it may of just been Max the pug. Could also be an old injury. We don’t know, since this was also a rescued dog. Send good thoughts please. I’m doing every thing I can to save him. He has the sweetest disposition and personality of any dog we’ve had. Max is adorable of course, but he doesn’t like to play with any toys and isn’t really as cheerful all the time as Jake is. So Hold the Good Thought!


trying to live as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet

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