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Bad wraps

The Evil Eye. Which as an amulet, isn’t evil at all. In fact, it is a protection against someone giving you the evil eye, or wishing you negative intent, or trying to put some bad mojo on you, or sending jealousy and hatred your way, evil eye reflects/shields/protects. (Reportedly) lol

Okay, so there is (after I went ahead and googled this to write about it) a celebrity spot where evil eye jewelry is sold. Check that out!

Originally the beginnings were in Turkey?  I didn’t want to write out a whole history on the evil eye charm, so if your at all curious, you know what to do. lol

So to all you tatter’s out there, that have loved my thumb shuttles, what you see at the shop right now, is all there is going to be for a while. Maybe a long while.

I’m going to be pretty busy this next month, so I might not be posting for awhile.

Leaving you with this thought, to those of you I’ve met online and keep in touch with, you know I really love you. Live life as full as you can, and may it be sparkly and fun.

Note to self: Don’t write while medicated. lol


And everything went White

Had many days of beautiful weather and not much breeze. So I thought I’d try to make some white shuttles. It’s still difficult to keep them white, but I had great success with these. Have 3 pair up at the shop and another white pair needs sanding. But it will be up there too in a day or so. All roses.

There’s just something special to me about a white shuttle. Maybe because I get giddy when I can keep them white! lol I wash my hands and scrub them with a brush a few times, before I even start working with the clay. They seem to pick up dust in the air too, but I had no breeze and things just worked out. 🙂

This was a nice change, since the music finally quit playing in my head. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever had a song replay go on. lol Very distracting. I really need concentration and total focus when I make shuttles.

Green Bean update! Some of the vines are almost at the top of the trellis, and other’s are about half way. Already putting out flowers. I think the end of this week would be a good time to take another picture. I don’t know if you’re all burned out hearing about the green beans or not, but, I’m still fascinated by them. lol

That’s my rock thyme the shuttles are on. And they are blooming. I couldn’t resist taking a picture with it. It’s so pretty.

And around the spot where it grows, I decided the other morning to make a little teeny pond. So I took an old water basin, dug a hole, put in the basin, leveled it, put black plastic inside it and put in rocks. Then I filled it up with water. And after that, I put big rocks around the rim so you can’t see that part. I had gotten a very gentle water fountain that’s kind of different and placed it right near the teeny pond, just for sound affect I guess. Getting more pipe and water pump and more digging, yeah, no I wasn’t up for a big job. Just a little one. And it satisfied me. So that’s the newest addition to the garden. I like sitting there and meditate in the evening when the neighborhood quiets down. I need to plant something green around the big rocks and haven’t figured out that part yet. It will come to me later I guess.

I am so enjoying all my hollyhocks that are blooming now. Everywhere! Color color is all over the place!!!!  I love my garden the mostest right now. Wish it could stay this way for a few more months. So I’ll be taking more pictures later, just so I have them for memories to look at when next winter comes. 🙂 It’s beautiful here. I’m soaking in every bit of it too.

Love finishing things!


I got some thumb shuttles boxes made. I really liked this one the best, even if it is christmasy. 🙂

I finished the green bean trellis!!!  Yes I did! And in the nick of time too! The green beans are all up about 3 inches now. The trellis, this go round, came out absolutely perfect . The measurements were exact across and all the way down to barely the ground. I was so surprised!  I just guessed at it again, with the prior learning from the one that’s now on the porch. Thing is, it’s hard to get a picture of it because the yarn is thin. When I tried to take a picture, it just disappeared. lol  So I’ll wait till the beans start climbing on it and then take a picture. I just can’t tell you how relieved I am!  It looks good too. Just as I imagined it from the beginning in my mind’s eye. 🙂

When I was younger, I rarely finished a project. It was a big personality issue. But I do remember one day, being upset at all these beginning projects and I made a vow to myself. Don’t start something if you really don’t have your heart into it. What I learned from that time was I needed to really have a passion for something I started, then it was motivation to continue till it’s done. So the trellis is done. And I finished two more pairs of dragon scales thumb shuttles. I have to buffed them and get them photographed. But I’m so happy to finish all these things I started. It’s a weight lifted.

We are all still missing Jake. This is going to take time.

I had to cover the tomato’s, it’s been raining and cold every day for over a week. No sign yet of that changing. Just lucky we didn’t get snow!  That’s happened before in June here.

And I just added these to the Etsy Store this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, it dried out and I mowed grass. It started raining again just the second I was done and put the mower away! lol But that’s out of the way.

Sometimes, I have a long range project going in the background. I have one right now that is knit cord, and I’m making enough of it to actually weave a basket. I love basket weaving and especially love these knit one’s I’ve done. They are thick and bulky and soft. I’ll have to take a picture of the last one I made. The new one is forest colors. 🙂 I haven’t finished weaving the bottom part yet. It takes more time than anyone really wants to spend on a basket. Just knitting the cord takes months. That’s why it’s a long range project. I just work on it, when I get other things done first. And it’s mindless. I love having a mindless project to work on while I watch tv. Making knitted cord does that for me.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not, but several months ago, I was meditating and had an experience I really don’t have words for.  Since that day, the creativity and ideas for making things, hasn’t quit. They keep coming in fast and furious. I’ve never experienced such a wild time of ideas! But it’s been wonderful. And much of it has to do with things I haven’t done before. So there’s adventure! lol

I’ve been keeping a notebook just for the idea’s I can’t get to yet. But I’m having such a wonderful time creating.

Well, I’ve blathered on as many topics as I can do for the moment. I had a new idea for a design I need to try out on more shuttles. I best get to it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, doing something they love to do. Finish a project!!!!! (snickers):)

Dragon experiments

I was inspired by a request from another tatter some months ago, to do something dragonish with my shuttles. I was into flowers then. Now it’s time for a new series of design. Dragon Scales. 🙂 I’ll be listing these tomorrow at the etsy store. Along with a new tatting accessory 🙂

The picture doesn’t do these justice. There is a lot of shimmer and light play in these.

Updates: On other matters I’ve blogged about,…the tatted trellis looks grand on the porch. I hung some crystals in the tatted rings of the net to catch light and cast rainbows. 🙂 Hard taking a picture of this. I’ll try again later. (I am such a Pollyanna)

Jake didn’t make it. He suffered from what many of that breed do. The only fix was surgery and at that a 50/50 chance. 😦 I won’t go on and on about it. It’s too painful. All I can say is,….the end was very peaceful and he was happy. The silence, from the lack of his presence is loud.

The shuttle contest got hung up in some waiting confirmation thingy. I’m kind of distraught to fuss over it. It’s unfortunate more who were interested, didn’t stay interested or couldn’t figure out what was going on. Just private message me over at Intatters if you wondered what was going on. Several people did stay in touch and are working hard at their designs. Bless em! It’s going to be difficult to make a pick on those! Such talented tatters!

As you might imagine, I’m in need of another break from blogging and other online activities. I need to do my thing and work through some emotions. Loss is something different for everyone.

Blessings to everyone!



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