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Tat a tat tat

I know it’s been awhile since I posted here, but I had been super busy. It’s summer time and most people are traveling or playing outdoors. I did promise that once the green beans started climbing, I’d take a picture of the trellis. Well, they are climbing up on it and just for fun, I think I’ll take another picture when they’ve grown half way .

I have Virgina Creeper growing behind it 🙂 Hopefully it will cover that one window so there will be more shade.

The trellis is holding up really well to all the weather we’ve had. So far so good.

As to my summer tatting,…I gifted a neighbor with an anklet and she just loved it. Wore it everywhere, every day. She told me it made her feel extra “pretty”. lol Then requests for more poured in as she received so many complements on hers! Didn’t think I’d be doing so many of those! But you know me,…I can do a few of something and then it’s on to the next thing! So I thought a few for the shop would be good and then that’s that!

I modified an antique lace edging pattern a little bit and added beads to make them.

Every summer I make a new anklet and have for years. I love anklets! But I think these are my favorite one’s. When I’m in the mood to do more, I’ll do darker flower colors I think. About the time I was done making several of these, I came into some very expensive silk thread. Knowing that tatting with silk has a few challenges, one being gardener hands! lol  (snag snag snag) The other is it often makes tatting designs floppy. I had gotten a larger sized silk thread and designed something simple and elegant that didn’t flop. Those are up at the shop.

Let’s see, oh yes, working with flat yarn shuttles. I designed a amulet bag for a friend’s special day in a few months. I liked it so much, I made one for myself and one for the shop too!  I did say I’d been busy didn’t I? lol  I was still in dragon scale design mode at the time.

My bday was uneventful. Because my husband is mostly an invalid, I had loads of chores to do around the place and I shop for a month’s worth of food at a time. Summer is so busy and there is only one of me to do all that needs doing. I should of had more kids is a refrain. But I didn’t. There just isn’t very much help available, even for hire. So I muddle along, taking one thing at a time. I figure, it will all get done before next winter, or it won’t. lol

My sketch pad is loaded up with new patterns and ideas that just won’t quit. I don’t have enough time to get to even half of it. It’s one thing at a time with that as well.

Hopefully this week,…I’ll be able to just take a day or two off, make arrangements for hubby to be cared for and go help a dear friend who’s fighting cancer and enduring chemo. We just found out about it two months ago. I don’t even have the words. It’s horrid. The treatment for it is extremely harsh. I’m praying for the cure. I know our time together will be special though.

Each day that comes brings something to me. I’m grateful for each breath. Each idea of something I can do, or to make a little pretty that adds delight or a smile is important to me. And in every day, even dealing with tough stuff, I’m looking for a bit of joy. I find it often. And I cling to it!

best wishes of comfort, joy, delight and blessings to all who read this. I’m off now, chores to do!





So many new tat things

Between tatting and making shuttles, I’m kinda stuck for this as my moment in time. Guess this is going to be a TaT post then. lol  I might slip in something else. Hard to say! lol

Well, the picture is all about the Heart Shuttle Pendant Necklaces I made long ago. Never could get good pictures of them, not counting the time I did, and hubby deleted them all by accident. grrrr. Well, I finally got them posted up at the shop this morning.

Then, I was in some strange “goth” state of mind last week and made a set of shuttles. Here’s a little taste of what is in the set. 🙂

Am still tatting away at that challenge. Here’s a picture of not quite half way there. From last night, I’m nearing that finish line. Now, I’m trying to think,….I’m going to tat a flower to put on it, but what kind I haven’t decided in all this time. First I thought a simple rosette, but I saw some flower in tat that had double picot petals and fell in love with it. But I can’t find instructions anywhere. Am sure some fun tatter makes these, maybe even sold them at etsy in a time past. I just don’t know. Hopefully someone will let me know 🙂 They look like double rows of flower petals. Am kinda hooked on that one.

The weather has turned nice for a change and I know somebody else who’s really happy about that! This is a younger version of him. He’s turning lots grayer these days. My precious!

This is Maxwell. Such a loving friend. Don’t know what I’d do without him in my life!  He’s seen me through some hard times. And that’s my post for awhile. I’m going to be super busy for the next week. Hope this enough posting for the time being.

Yarn Tatting-Medallion to Doily Instantly

I had some dishcloth cotton yarn left over and decided to try out one of my favorite Medallion patterns. Usually it’s done in thread. I should of put a quarter on this so you could see how big it is! lol

So this small medallion, turned instantly into a doily. Big, bold and beautiful. I tried blocking it, but never got to all the picots to sort them out. In fact, I kinda of forgot I was blocking it for a few days. lol Let me just say that one of the double rings is the size of a quarter. That gives you an idea!  This measures 8″ by 8″. This scan doesn’t do it justice at all.

It’s a beautiful green mixed with white. Got faded out in the scan. Well, you do get the idea. 🙂

For many years, I’ve been tatting with yarn. It’s so much better on my eye sight. And the satisfaction I get is perfect fulfillment.

The nicest thing in tatting with yarn is the beauty of the bold. You see the prettiness of all the picots and patterns right away.

One of the things I have come to realize is that, although tatting has this reputation of being a lost art, it isn’t lost. I know that tatting with yarn is more of a rarity however. Mostly tatters turn to a tatting needle or a big Tatsy shuttle to work with yarn. I’ve never done either.

With yarn tatting, the possibilities to jump into big projects that you always wanted to do, is closer in reach to “getting it done” with yarn. Tablecloths, shawls, wool doily’s, lamp covers, place-mats (luncheon sets), scarves, bags, even bedspreads I dare say! lol

To take your favorite medallion pattern (or any pattern for that matter) and work it in yarn, requires a few adjustments. Usually a pattern reads a ring with equal beginning ds’s and ends the same. But when you work in yarn, you will see that this causes the ring to be a bit lopsided. So you need to leave off 1 ds at the end of your ring before closing it. This same adjustment can be made on a chain. When rings are to be joined, you will notice, you don’t usually have to leave off that last ds. Begin a practise piece. It’s best to watch the pattern your working with, take notes where in the pattern you need to make those adjustments, and then basically your rewriting the pattern for Yarn tatting. When you’ve rewritten it,…then you can go from start to finish with confidence.

The other consideration is to watch the yarn and how it twists. You have to stay on top of this when you make a join. Yarn does tend to want to twist.

And the other consideration I find important, is your tension. In tatting with yarn, a medium to light tension is required. For old tatters like myself, I noticed I tatted with less stress working with yarn. lol I didn’t have to make those tight little ds’s. In fact, tatting with yarn seems much more of a gentle experience to me.

Another point in tatting a pattern that has many long chains in it, is that translated into yarn makes it more floppy. If you like more floppy that’s fine. But if you want more stability in the piece, I find that making more joins in chains to rings has a stabilizing effect to the over all piece. This is just part and parcel of rewriting a pattern for yarn tatting. It’s exciting and fun to do to see how it all comes out. 🙂

In the long ago, when I adventured into yarn tatting, I made my own shuttles to get the projects done I wanted to. I never had a moments problem and still use the same shuttles I made almost 10 years ago.

Recently I had the thought, that there would be more yarn tatters if they had better tools to do it with. I have made my own tatting tools over the years and actually there has been no one to share them with. No granddaughters to pass it on to.

All these thoughts has motivated me to want to help out the Tatting community by sharing my tools with others, which meant, “oh my god” doing a shop of some kind online!  Ack. A whole new adventure. Well, I can’t think of how to do it any other way, so my passion for tatting is pushing me forward.

I’m tiptoeing into putting up a Etsy store, hopefully this week, if I don’t chicken out. It’s daunting! But when I think of all the creativity of tatters and what they could be making with yarn,….wow.

I’m not a great tatter and don’t design fancy things. I’m just a tatter is all and I made helpful tools for myself, that now I feel might be useful for others. We’ll see. 🙂

I like working with cotton and wool/blends mostly. And the next project I’m jumping into is doing a small triangle shawl. I got some beautiful wool, alpaca blend at Knitpicks and want to do a simple pattern.

I’m still in the process of making shuttles too. These are time consuming. Each one being hand sculpted which takes more than a hour to get just right. Works of art actually if I do say so myself. lol I mean, if I don’t fall in love with a shuttle I make, I couldn’t possibly sell the thing either!  That just makes it harder to let go of, or put up for sale. Oh my. lol




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