The gardens

No muss, no fuss garden for now

The first garden picture, made me smile every day

Two years ago, I had several gardens going on at the same time. This picture is a small portion of the largest one. I have several sections of our property separated into gardening areas. I play with the shape and size of them every year. When this photo was taken, I had 5 garden spots going. One is fan shaped, another a circle, another a pyramid.

This year, due to weather, health and other factors, I have a very small garden going. Which is fine for me at this time. Every year offers me something new.

Each year, I love to plant something new, different. This year it is black tomatoes and purple carrots. Dragon beans and dragon carrots.

I also have several flowers in little pots I’ve planted just for their flower essence properties. Zinnia’s are super for feeling happy and joyful. I can’t hardly wait to make the essence of them for use. 🙂

My garden is my sanctuary. I need it like I need breath. I believe there is so much love there, it’s a healing place for my soul.

  1. beautiful and peaceful

  2. I admire the “goth” shuttlle, it’s really brilliant. any possibility to buy a pair of them? I love tatting but still searching for an ideal shuttle. rgds, Joanna

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